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Maintain Your Plantation Shutters with These Upkeep Tips

Plantation shutter maintenance

When it comes to window coverings, few options can hold a candle to all that plantation shutters can offer for your Denver home. You're sure to agree with that sentiment when you see all the benefits you'll enjoy thanks to this window-covering option. After all, plantation shutters offer these great advantages, just to name a few:

  • Durable design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Light control
  • Ease of maintenance

Because plantation shutters offer so many qualities for you to enjoy, you'll want to give yours the care they need in order to provide many years of dependable use. This care is especially important with regard to your shutters' day-to-day cleaning needs. If you aren't cleaning your shutters properly, you can fully expect to seriously decrease their service life.

So, what exactly is the right way to clean your plantation shutters? This article will tell you. Read on to learn some essential care tips that are guaranteed to help you get the most use out of your shutters. If you want to enjoy all that this window covering has to offer for as long as possible, then follow these tips to the letter:

Dust with a Lightly Wetted Cloth

Overaccumulation of dust can harm the look of your plantation shutters, and all the while, that accumulation could damage your shutters' moving parts. To avoid unsightly and costly issues, you need to keep dust accumulation at bay with routine dusting with a LIGHTLY wetted cloth.

Dry after Dusting

We can't emphasize it enough: Do NOT saturate your plantation shutters with moisture. So, again, it's imperative that you dust with a lightly wetted cloth. Even then, you'll want to take care to dry your shutters after dusting to ensure residual moisture won't cause warping or other issues.

Use a Vacuum with a Gentle Brush

You don't need to do a full-on semi-wet dusting to get your plantation shutters looking their best once more. Rather, you can take a less-risky route and provide regular dry vacuuming work to clean them up. Be sure to use a GENTLE brush to enjoy the cleaning you need without causing any damage.

Look to Our Denver Team for All Your Shutter Needs

Even with the proper care, your shutters are going to have to go at some point, as all window coverings will. When that time comes for your shutters, you need to look to the pros at Best Shutters in Denver. Our window shutter company offers quality products that you'll be able to enjoy for many more years to come.

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