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Frequently Asked Questions About Shutters & Window Blinds

How to Clean Blinds

Routinely wipe down your blinds with a lightly dampened cloth, being sure to thoroughly dry after doing so. Use a soft-bristled brush to vacuum your blinds about once a month.

How Often Should I Change Blinds?

Most blinds are good for up to a decade. After that point, their appearance and functionality may suffer enough to require a replacement.

Good Blinds for Insulation?

If you're focused on insulation, look into honeycomb (or cellular) shades. This shade option provides plenty of insulation, which will add comfort to your home at a low cost.

What Benefits Do Polycore Shutters Offer?

Polycore shutters provide plenty of insulation, excellent natural light control, a durable design, and long service life. They're also easy to clean and maintain.

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